With De Meyer you are calling on a professional expert partner in metalworking, from the heavy steel industry to pharmaceutics and from mechanical to automotive engineering.

This means advanced machinery, highly qualified personel and up-to-date technologies for unparalleled quality.

Working to perfection, without compromises.

  • Welding robots, double pulse half-automated, TIG and electrode welding machines, welding manipulators.
  • Lathing and milling, CNC-controlled, conventional, from small to large. With help from electromagnetic tightening equipment, integrated drill and finishing heads, with CAD/CAM support.
  • Plate construction, rolling and profile centering, complex 3D plate en pipe bending, CNC-controlled wholepunching, sandblasting, metalizing and painting.
  • Mechanical engineering with complete control over quality, delivery term and price. Turnkey solutions for small to large-scale projects.

Pieces to build with, De Meyer makes it!

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