Service & maintenance

De Meyer offers a full service package for the maintenance of technical installations. Service and maintenance are indispensable components of our activities.

For you. This means working preventatively. In urgent situations, we are available 24 hours a day. Completing in-house projects, but also conducting on-site interventions, with a guaranteed result. We improve the performance of your production line as well as the
performance on the shop floor. We assemble and install. Workmanship, flexibility and speed are key in carrying out preventative maintenance, scheduled revisions and urgent repairs. We have the equipment, technology and people for perfect alignment. Of this,
our mobile laser measuring bench is a unique example.

Every aspect of steel belt technology, advanced dry ice blasting, welding-on-site and demanding industrial relocations. This too is a sample of our capabilities.

You can be certain: De Meyer keeps your business going!

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